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SportCaddy is the new sports storage box ánd sports bag for kids. A creative, original and personal present for boys and girls and ideal for e.g. taking sports shoes with you or for storing them neatly at home.

Besides for shoes, kids use SportCaddy for taking with them a 1001 other things, like their gymnastic kit to school, or their swimming kit to swimming, or their pijamas when they stay over with friends. All what fits in fits in and kids know that better than adults! Read more about our initiative and SportCaddy on our page “About us“.

Design your SportCaddy

SportCaddy is unique because you can add your high resolution photo on top of the Caddy, making SportCaddy a personal and emotional present for kids. Just take a quick look at some of nicest SportCaddy’s made at our page “Wall of kids“.

SportCaddy - Wall of Kids

The price of a SportCaddy with your full colour and waterproof photo label on top of the Caddy and the shoulder strap for handsfree carrying is £ 19,50 or € 23,20 including VAT.

SportCaddy Delivery Total
UK £ 19,50 £ 14,95 £ 34,95
NL € 23,20 € 6,75 € 29,95

The delivery time is about 12 working days after payment of the invoice and ordering your personalized SportCaddy is easy. Read more about how to design your Caddy on our page “Design your Caddy” or go directly to the “Order form“.


Due to its chararteristics, SportCaddy is an excellent sales, marketing communication and branding product, as well as an attractive (merchandising) solution for activating your e.g. football sports sponsorship. Read more about it on our page “Business“.

Do you have any questions about SportCaddy? Or do you want to find out what SportCaddy can do for your company or brand? Just contact us directly via e-mail: and we’ll be happy to serve you from there!

Team | SportCaddy

Surprise kids with their own SportCaddy and make them feel proud!

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